The middle mark

Where I stand

As of now I currently stand at a C in both of my classes, which include biology and Pre Calculus. Every day or at least 4 times a week I practice mathematics for at least 5 hours and sometimes I am in the math resource center all day working on problems. As for biology I usually try to cram study for my exams and they usually don’t go so well. As of this point in the semester many students have dropped math and biology because of low-test scores or maybe the work was too difficult for them to understand. As for me I did not pay over $1,000 to fail my classes, nor repeat them in the near future and am striving to get my work done. This past week since we have returned from spring break I have started to really study for both biology and mathematics and really put time into quizzing myself in bio and working on all types of problems in math.

My Solution

As I realized that I am not during horribly bad in my classes I have concluded that I need to not only study more but actually fully understand what I am studying. As a student who works hard with everything, I am willing to give up my days to study for exams and test so that I can reach my maximum potential, not only in programming but in my academic studies as well. I will keep this blog updated with my progress at the end of the semester and future goals. e

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