Challenging yourself by solving problems everyday

Hello fellow readers, welcome to my new personal site. I have always wanted to start a personal blog for some years now and finally decided to just do it. I created this blog for my personal use and of course for you to follow me or learn something from me along the way. I am in the process of trying to complete my degree in computer science and would love to look back on all the things and events that I have experience from here on out. If you’re interested in learning more about me or the type of work I specialize in, check out my portfolio website cell- designs.  

2 years ago I officially decided that I would like to become a back-end programmer rather then just a front-end developer. I loved designing and creating websites for the frontend but I wanted to dive into the dark stuff and create web applications. Ever since I was a kid I always challenged myself in everything I decided to do.  Maybe I would play a video game and try to beat the game in 24hours, get an A on a school test, or I would take apart my bikes to make one good one. Though I was not sure the bike would work or that I would beat a video game or even ace the test at school I knew that I was trying and learning along the way.  

Everyday is a new day and a day to challenge yourself. Ever since I started to write code in terms of programming (Ruby, PHP etc) I’ve wanted to solve problems and that is what I am doing. I figured the best way or challenging your brain is to push yourself everyday to solve a problem. Though I was solving problems in my earlier days of writing code, I did not fully understand what I was solving but now I am making myself aware and setting my goals high. Everyday I have been solving math problems, writing new features into my web application, and of course writing it down in my blog.  I plan to take everyone who would love to follow me on my journey of pursuing a degree in computer science. In this blog you find pictures, blogs, videos, short quotes, and everything that inspires, bugs or motivate me as a young individual. That is all for this note and if you’ve read this far you’re a brave one. Much success to everyone who is trying to make a difference in the world and solve problems daily. 

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