Often I am asked about a multitude of questions thus; I hope to answer the most common questions down below.

Q: Are you a designer or developer?

A: Both, While I am certainly no expert in design I consider myself well enough to design mobile applications, websites, desktop applications and logos from time to time. In terms of development I am very experienced with coding and often code designs when needed.

Q: What are your strongest programming languages?

A: My top programming languages are C, C++, Objective C, PHP, Ruby and Swift.

Q: What kind of clients do you prefer to work with?

A: I am looking for clients who really believe in their product, are great communicators, and really want to build something amazing together.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: This greatly depends on the size and complexity of the project. Typically the cost of a project can range from 10,000 – 100,000USD. To give you a very rough estimate simply send me an email.

Q: Why should I hire you oppose to an actual agency with a dedicated team

A: Great question! Often larges teams and agencies can take a while to get your product off the ground given the various meetings, project requirements etc . While I am no team I typically have a process in place which allows me to move as fast a team plus I am accessible when needed.

Q: Do you work for a fixed price?

A: Yes! If you have all specifications listed for the project and it works for the type of project then this is actually how I prefer to work. That way there are no surprises for anyone involved.

Q: What happens after the project is finished?

A: Once your project is finished you will not be left alone in the cold. I prefer to build a long term relationships with my clients and continue to help them develop and perfect their product or assist them when needed.